Free Travel Week – A Business Is Born

Imagine the greatness of walking away from your existing work. Millions of people spend their days moving through the 9 to 5 working world, and sit in jobs that they hate, working for the weekend. The weekend seems too short, the workdays too long, and many just long for a free travel week. Well, in the hard economic times that we live in, entrepreneurs have started to learn of an option that can help anyone make serious money with travel. That’s right, you no longer have to spend lots of money trying to get yourself into the destination of your dreams, you now simply need to look into a business opportunity that will help you move forward with the life you want, on your terms.The idea of a free travel week is not meant to shake people into quitting their jobs, but rather to look at the idea as a way to increase financial prosperity, and eventually drop out of the doldrums that captivate many. The best travel plan to move forward with is to set up a business. Now, before you question the motive, consider that there are options that can help you succeed with setting up a legitimate travel agency, unlike many others. You don’t have to spend a lot of money setting it up, as there are many affiliate marketing options to choose from.There are some that will scoff at the notion of traveling, and making money with this type of marketing plan. However, they haven’t moved ahead of the curve to making strides with travel. The reason why people make serious money is because they actually utilize the offers to travel on their own. The reason why this business works is very simple. A person gets into the business, then immediately goes on a trip to a destination that is quite beautiful to say the least. A free travel week is taken and that’s where it all starts to build.During the trip, meeting people is easy. Other travelers will be at a hotel destination and conversations will arise, and that’s the perfect way to introduce the discounted rates and business options that are being taken advantage of. When dealing with discounts, and the economic downturn that many have been in for quite sometime, the sound of discounted travel becomes a unique experience and makes money for those that can successfully sell and recommend the options to others.There are some that will read about the idea of a free travel week, and business in the industry as too difficult to manage. Not everyone is a sales man, however, in these modern times everyone has a social media profile, and friends and family would love to hear about a trip that is low cost and quite amazing to say the least. The selling is as easy as posting pictures, talking about the trip, and ultimately talking about the discounts. If you aren’t eloquent in speech, you can at least post photos and then simply put captions like “our free trip” etc etc. People are naturally curious, they’ll ask questions and in your response, you can make some money when they interact with your travel business.

Learn Chinese Now For Travel, Business, and Joy

Most people recognize that there are real and tangible benefits for those who learn Chinese now. Chinese has a reputation as a difficult language for English speakers to learn, however, this has been much exaggerated. Chinese is in reality a fairly easy language to learn, especially for those who are willing to speak and listen to native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. The benefits for those who get up their courage, set goals, and take action are numerous.If you learn Chinese now, you’ll be able to travel in a way that others are not. If you have ever visited Asia, you understand that the inability to speak the language limits you in terms of the connections that you’re able to make with other people. When you speak English in a place like China or Taiwan, people immediately label you as a tourist. On the other hand, if you speak to Mandarin Chinese speakers in their own language they see that you have made the effort to connect with them, and they see you as a friend.Think about the way that this cultural trend extends to business ventures. The reason that so many businesses demand people who are fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English is because they are able to act as liaisons and build trust in business partnerships. If you learn Chinese now, you will not only be able to engage with people that you meet while traveling, but you position yourself at the forefront of emerging and expanding job market. If you have any interest in Asian business, there is no reason not to learn Mandarin.One reason to learn Chinese now that most people don’t think about, is that there exists in China an entire media culture that is misunderstood or neglected within Western countries. The deepest cultural experience that most of us have had with Chinese culture is watching “crouching Tiger hidden Dragon”. Isn’t that a little sad?If you learn Chinese now, you can understand not only contemporary Chinese media in terms of movies, television, and books but connect with the literature of all Chinese history. Can you imagine yourself reading and understanding the poetry of the T’ang Dynasty? It is not as impossible as you might think.There are so many benefits for those who learn Chinese now, and it is amazing that so few are really doing it. All it takes is a little planning, some positive visualization, and a lot of speaking. Absolutely anyone can learn Mandarin Chinese, so why aren’t you doing it?

A Tripazon Travel Review

Tripazon is an exciting new Travel Company that is in its infant stages of development (a huge perk to get in now) and loaded with tons of potential for growth. Tripazon offers individuals home-based business opportunities that are focused in providing fabulously discounted vacation packages, cruises, golf excursions and even flights. Joining Tripazon allows the member the opportunity to enjoy these travel perks PLUS make passive income online just by offering discounted vacation packages, which is something that most people would want anyhow, to friends, family or other interested persons all while still enjoying the discounted travel themselves. So, with that brief overview background information lets “travel” deeper into Tripazon Travel as I give, from my perspective, advantages and disadvantages that you can get from this type of online business.
Stability: Let’s start by looking at some history. Tripazon was built by the founders of Resorts 360 which has been in the travel business for years. Resorts 360 is a very high end travel company with a very well established track record. (You can run an Internet search and check them out as well. I am certain you will be impressed if you do so.) This means that you don’t have to worry about Tripazon being a scam, and because travel is an extremely huge industry, you can be assured that your online business will generate income for years to come. People continue to travel even in hard economic times.Marketability: The design of the home business component of Tripazon is such that you can work during your free time from the privacy of your own home, using your own computer, with very little time invested making this a very passive income opportunity. You don’t have to be knocking on barely acquainted acquaintance’s doors trying to sell a product they really don’t want anyhow and then trying to recruit them into your sales team. Your marketing can be done over the Internet to other similarly interested parties. Tripazon even offers marketing approaches for you. But remember, you’re offering discounted vacation packages anyhow and even YOU want that! Need I say more?Side note: A product is very marketable when you believe in the product and even want it for yourself. As I write this review I am reminded that I am 54 years old. Despite many opportunities that I have had in the past I have NEVER been a part of a network marketing business before for many reason but mainly because I have hated the framework of a barely usable product that you strong arm friends, family or anyone who would listen into purchasing and then “signing up” under you so they can strong arm their folks. This is the first time the appeal to a home business was greater than my ability to say,”no!” That’s because the product is good and the approach to sell it is sound and frankly even I, like you, want this product. The home business aspect is just added perk.So what do I see as the draw backs to Tripazon. Well, being perfectly honest, there were a couple things I had to sort through in my own mind before I enrolled. First of all there are other discount travel sites out there many of which offer very good discounts as well. What they don’t offer, however, is the opportunity to have a passive income as you travel. Tripazon does.Another obstacle in my thinking was the fees. So, I feel I should look at that and be very upfront about what I see there. There is a 199.00 joining fee. Not a big deal in that the discounts on one vacation would more than make that up. The problem beyond that, however, is that there is also a 59.00 per month fee on top of that. If you multiply that by 12 months in a year that starts to make your bargain vacation package price more the price of a normal vacation. In my mind, I start thinking scam and no perks. One might think that there goes all the savings right out the window and this is no deal at all. Read more…Compensation Plan: Tripazon offers many incentives. The compensation plan is considered a “hybrid binary system”. This means you have a right leg and a left leg in your down-line. A down-line is all the people you have personally sponsored into the program and the people who join under them. You receive compensation for each of these people in all sorts of varied ways.One of my favorite aspects is the “fast start cash”. Fast start cash is when a prospect signs up to join your team you receive fast start cash. Then each month that member is active you also make residual income. Essentially the people signed up under you pay your monthly fee and the people they sign up pay theirs and etc… on down the line. In addition to that, those prospects who sign up under you and then sign people up under them results in you making “coded bonuses.” You can also make “cycle bonus”. The cycle bonus feature is when 3 people sign up to your right leg and 3 people to your left leg then you “cycle” for a $100 bonus. This is an extremely lucrative compensation plan which negates out the 59.00 fee and truly makes the discounted travel all it is said to be and can even result in income to totally pay your vacation plus! Pretty sweet, eh?! This system is explained much better in the pre-enrollment video you will be allowed to watch online before enrolling if you are so could very well be one of the best home-based businesses today. With tens of thousands of people who are purchasing discounted vacation packages from daily deal sites, you can be assured that you have a large target market where you can start your own home based business making it possible for you and your family to have “easy travel today!”