Travel Ventures As a New Home Based Business

The Company Travel Ventures is actually called TVI Express (Travel Ventures International). Travel Ventures corporate office is in London, also with offices in Cypress and Heathrow. It is a new travel business in the travel industry which also offers a new home based business opportunity.Travel Venture launched the start of its company in the start of the year of 2009. This company took off like crazy and exceeded way beyond its expectations. The new travel company offers memberships with the opportunity to start your own business.If you were to enter into a membership it would cost you a $250.00 investment that you would only pay once. You will only have to pay this one fee with no other costs. This would give you the access to your back office and then you would be able to have your own site to operate your business and book at a discount rate in which to travel. You would also be getting discounts a car rentals, hotels, airfare and on many more travel options.New members receive a travel voucher for 7 days and 6 nights at any hotel or resort within their system. TVI guarantees the lowest rates or they will match the the lowest rate with an extra 10% more off. Members have the opportunity to promote the reselling of memberships which gives you the compensation plan that pays on a revolving matrix plan.Next you will need to sign up 2 people with the company. You will need to build a downline so you can move along in the compensation plan. The 2 people that joined under you will need to encourage people to join under them and continue the process to build a downline. As you keep duplicating this process you will be making commissions when you enter into the travelers board. There you will receive $250 and a $250 voucher toward travel. Next up the line you can enter into the express board where you will receive $10,000 and $5,000 in vouchers to travel which you then cycle back into another express board and keep duplicating this process.This company has taken off with such force that it exceeded its goal of 20,000 by 300,000 new members already, way within its first year. The company made $3 million in the first month in sales, with 5 of the members reaching a profit of over $1 million.Travel Venture is now bringing in 40 thousand members a month. With such unexpected growth the company was down for a month to expand and upgrade its way of handling the large and vast increase of business. With this problem fixed and up running full steam, the company then joined partnership with the World Travel Bureau to help with the travel bookingsWith business growing at a successful rate and the opportunity to keep growing is huge. In order to build a large downline you will need to learn how to get your business out there and how to generate leads and traffic. You want to learn from leaders who have already reached the top, so you can duplicate what they did. It is up to you to make it happen and have the successful business you desire. The internet home business is taking off since there is no economy crisis on the internet. This is the new way today to succeed in business.